Issue 2 now online

Editorial team changes 191 – 192
Deborah Cowen, Stuart Elden, Natalie Oswin
Risky geographies: aid and enmity in Pakistan 193 – 202
Louise Amoore, Marieke de Goede
Europe’s Romaphobia: problematization, securitization, nomadization 203 – 212
Huub van Baar

A dialectics of encounter 213 – 222
Susan M Ruddick
Hegel reads Spinoza 223 – 236
Pierre Macherey
Gender and environment: critical tradition and new challenges 237 – 253
Roberta Hawkins, Diana Ojeda
Beyond imaginative geographies? Critique, co-optation, and imagination in the aftermath of the War on Terror 254 – 267
Angharad Closs Stephens
Alien still life: distilling the toxic logics of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge 268 – 290
Shiloh R Krupar
The spatialising politics of EUropean political practice: transacting ‘eastness’ in the European Union 291 – 308
Julian R A Clark, Alun R Jones
Doomsday fieldwork, or, how to rescue Gaelic culture? The salvage paradigm in geography, archaeology, and folklore, 1955 – 62 309 – 335
Fraser MacDonald
Thinking like a fish? Engaging with nonhuman difference through recreational angling 336 – 352
Christopher Bear, Sally Eden
Performing elusive mobilities: ritualization, play, and the drama of scheduled departures 353 – 368
Phillip Vannini

Review essay. Rethinking democracy’s emergence: toward new spaces of grief and survivability 369 – 374
François Debrix
Reviews 375 – 380
Mann on Christophers: Envisioning media power: on capital and geographies of television
Collard on Raffles: Insectopedia
Garrett on Hell, Schönle (Eds): Ruins of modernity

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