Issue 5 now online

Vol 29 No 5 has now been published online and is available here

Anti-landscapes: caves and apophasis in the Christian East 761 – 779
Veronica della Dora

Being in myth and community: resistance, lived existence, and democracy in a north England mill town 780 – 802
Sophie Bond

Contact zones: participation, materiality, and the messiness of interaction 803 – 821
Kye Askins, Rachel Pain

The social space of gentrification: the politics of neighbourhood accessibility in Toronto’s Downtown West 822 – 839
Katie M Mazer, Katharine N Rankin

Geddes in India: town planning, plant sentience, and cooperative evolution 840 – 856
Naveeda Khan

Data matter(s): legitimacy, coding, and qualifications-of-life 857 – 872
Matthew W Wilson

The surprising detritus of leisure: encountering the Late Photography of War 873 – 890
Debbie Lisle

Creating place, creating community: the intangible boundaries of the Jewish ‘Eruv’ 891 – 904
Michele Rapoport

Fixing the border: on the affective life of the state in southern Kyrgyzstan 905 – 923
Madeleine Reeves

The place of Zeno’s paradox 924 – 937
Laurence Paul Hemming

Review essay

Review essay. State, territory, and the internationalization of capital: critical reflections on the selected writings of Nicos Poulantzas and Henri Lefebvre 938 – 945

Andrew E G Jonas

Reviews 946 – 950
Detamore on Herring: Another country: queer anti-urbanism
Christophers and Wainwright on Roy: Poverty capital: microfinance and the making of development


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