Vol 30 No 2 out

New issue of the journal out, including an open access set of responses to the 22 July 2011 events in Norway; papers by Jeff Malpas, Mustafa Dikeç, Adrian Evans & Mara Miele and others; and a theme section on Mathematics edited by Christian Abrahamsson with papers by Quentin Meillassoux and Michel Serres.

Bloodlands: critical geographical responses to the 22 July 2011 events in Norway191 – 206 Veit Bachmann, Luiza Bialasiewicz, James D Sidaway, Matthew Feldman, Ståle Holgersen, Andreas Malm, Robina Mohammad, Arun Saldanha, Kirsten Simonsen

The lawn; or on becoming a killer207 – 225 David Lulka

Putting space in place: philosophical topography and relational geography226 – 242 Jeff Malpas

Not exactly like the phoenix—but rising all the same: reconstructing displaced livelihoods in post-cleanup Harare243 – 261 Amin Y Kamete

Politics is sublime262 – 279 Mustafa Dikeç

Economies of empathy: Obama, neoliberalism, and social justice280 – 297 Carolyn Pedwell

Between food and flesh: how animals are made to matter (and not matter) within food consumption practices298 – 314 Adrian B Evans, Mara Miele

Theme issue: MathematicsGuest editor: Christian Abrahamsson

Guest editorial 315 – 321
Christian Abrahamsson

The contingency of the laws of nature322 – 334 Quentin Meillassoux

More parts than elements: how databases multiply335 – 350 Adrian Mackenzie

Experimenting with ontologies: sets, spaces, and topoi with Badiou and Grothendieck351 – 368 Arkady Plotnitsky

Differences: chaos in the history of the sciences 369 – 380 Michel Serres, Taylor Adkins

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