Last days for current free ‘highlight’ papers

We’re currently discussing some new highlight papers to make open access. So if you don’t have institutional access, this would be a good time to grab the following papers.

Eternity or infinity? Badiou’s Point 27(5) 823 – 839 Juliet Flower MacCannell

Geometry in the colossal: the project of metaphysical globalization 27(1) 29 – 40 Peter Sloterdijk (translated by Samuel A Butler)

The Shock Doctrine: a discussion 26(4) 582 – 595 Naomi Klein, Neil Smith

Theorizing sociospatial relations 26(3) 389 – 401 Bob Jessop, Neil Brenner, Martin Jones

Justice and the geographies of moral protest: reflections from Mexico 26(2) 216 – 233 Melissa W Wright

Torture and the ethics of photography 25(6) 951 – 966 Judith Butler

Where eagles dare: an ethno-fable with personal landfill 25(2) 194 – 212 Shiloh R Krupar

And the ‘Boys Town Redux’ virtual theme issue is available for two more weeks…

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