Issue 1 out

The new issue of Society and Space is now out:

Referees 1 – 3

Postcolonialising informality? 4 – 22 Ann Varley

The production of space: a neglected perspective in pastoral research 23 – 42 Yuval Karplus, Avinoam Meir

Reworking the spaces of indigeneity: the Bolivian ayllu and lowland autonomy movements compared 43 – 60 Tom Perreault, Barbara Green

Dissimulated landscapes: postcolonial method and the politics of space in southern Sri Lanka 61 – 79 Tariq Jazeel

Entrepreneurial assemblages from off the map: (trans) national designs for Tangier 80 – 98 J Miguel Kanai, William Kutz

Decolonising property: exploring ethics, land, and time, through housing interventions in contemporary Australia 99 – 115 Louise Crabtree

Playing with the line, channelling multiplicity: wind power planning in the Narbonnaise (Aude, France) 116 – 139 Alain Nadaï, Olivier Labussière

Surviving the turbulent future 140 – 156 Ash Amin

Architectures of ‘the good life’: queer assemblages and the composition of intimate citizenship 157 – 173 Niels van Doorn

Carceral geography and the spatialities of prison visiting: visitation, recidivism, and hyperincarceration 174 – 190 Dominique Moran

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    Society and Space Vol 31 No 1 now out

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