Abortion Laws And Activism

November 27, 2017

Abortion Laws And Activism

Is abortion legal anywhere in the United States? The answer to this question is yes. Abortion laws are legal in the United States but they are restricted to varying degrees in different states. The manner in which the judicial interpretation of the U.S. Constitution does read currently follows the Supreme Court’s landmark decision made in 1973. The landmark decision was no other than the Roe v. Wade and it was the first major decision that did promote other companion decisions that was to follow.

Abortion laws and activism are two things that are tied together. The reason being that many activists don’t approve of these laws that are said to interfere with a woman’s personal rights as a woman. Some of the earliest of all anti abortion laws were created for one purpose and that was to help protect all women from getting abortions from untrained abortionists who preyed on them. The earliest records on abortions that were unregulated did occur as far back as the 1800’s and a number of deaths did happen as a result of them. It was because complications were caused from abortions that were both illegal and unsafe in description. The number of actual deaths from these bad abortions was hard to determine. However, by the end of the 19th century, abortion did become something that was criminalized.

It is because of these anti abortion laws that activism for abortion was born. Abortion laws do vary in definition from permitting to prohibiting to restricting or regulating abortion’s availability. Abortion is without a doubt one of the most controversial of all topics. The reason being is that many people are against it and some are for it. It is why abortion laws and activism do share a connection that is unbreakable. You have activists that fight against abortion and others that fight for it. As was previously stated here, abortion became a controversial issue over the course of time for many reasons, and some of these reasons are as follows. It is because many societies have made it history through religion, morals, ethics, practical, and political grounds.

Abortion laws are different from state to state in the United States and viewed different as well in other foreign countries. Nevertheless, despite this fact, abortion is steadily on a decline worldwide. It is because of one thing and that is the increased access for many to contraception to use when engaging in sexual acts. About almost two-thirds of the women that live in the world do reside in countries where abortion can be done for a number of various reasons. Some of these reasons are to do with social, economic, or for their own personal reasons. Abortion has been around since ancient times. Abortion laws were created for different purposes with regards to abortion as a rule. Some abortion laws have placed restrictions on the practice of it. However, while on the flip side, other abortion laws permit abortion in certain places and for particular reasons in addition.

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