“Shallow excavation, a response to Bunkerology” by Bradley L. Garrett

Bradley L. Garrett responds to a piece entitled ‘Bunkerology’ by Luke Bennett which appeared in the print journal. Luke’s paper is open access for a limited time. Bennett replies here. One of the aims of this blog is to provide a forum for further debates like this, debates that the limits of the printed journal format generally preclude. This dialogue was coordinated by co-editor Deborah Cowen.

Shallow excavation, a response to Bunkerology – a case study in the theory and practice of urban exploration

In volume 29 of Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Luke Bennett posits a potentially fascinating formulation he calls “bunkerology”, in which he discuses budding interests in subterranean space in the United Kingdom. In the article, Bennett ties together disparate underground enthusiast groups under a broad banner of “urban exploration”, using a system of 1500 UK Cold War bunkers (Royal Ordinance Corps or ROC posts) as his case study grouping. However, as a researcher who has spent the past three years doing ethnographic work with the urban exploration community in the UK, I found the author’s fictional bunkerology construction a troublingly simplistic reification. These are a few short comments in response to Bennett.

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7 thoughts on ““Shallow excavation, a response to Bunkerology” by Bradley L. Garrett

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