Ian Cook comment on Occupy and ‘Follow the Thing: Money’

Ian Cook of Exeter University posted this as a comment to an earlier post, but I’m reposting here so more people can see it.

I’m running my ‘Geographies of material culture’ undergraduate class at the Occupy Exeter Tent University this Friday, trying to encourage students to bring together arguments published two days ago in Brett Christophers’ ‘Follow the thing: money’ paper (plus responses, plus work by Shaun French and others on the financial crisis) and work on materiality, culture jamming and public pedagogy.

Tara’s Monopoly blog illustrates a lot of these arguments at once, and is one of a number of resources I’ve put together on the module blog here: http://materialculture2011.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/week-7-new-work-doreen-massey-david-harvey-occupylsx/

I’m posting this here as others may find this interesting/useful, and may wish to contribute to the discussions in our course. These aren’t reflections, they’re materials to think with at the moment. Wish I could be more coherent. Hope it’s OK to throw them in here.


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