The US Carceral Society Forum

Mathew Coleman and Angela Stuesse, Immigrant Policing, Not Immigrant Enforcement

Tanya Erzen, Heart Change and the Conservative Zeal for Prison Reform

Lisa Guenther, The California SHU and the End of the World

Karen Morin, On Spatial Violence

Alison Mountz, Carceral Society on Guam and Saipan: US territorial Struggles over Asylum, Entry, and Exclusion in the Margins

Mary Thomas, Voices from Juvie

To its critics, the US justice system is anything but just.  A look at the numbers of people ensnared in the vast reach of the carceral society illustrates the horrifying scale of its impacts on lives in the US, particularly for people of color.  One in 34 adults in the United States was under correctional supervision in 2011. At 6.98 million people, the US Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 2.9 percent of the adult population was in prison, jail, or on probation or parole. This the lowest rate reported since 2000, largely due to a decline in the number of people on probation. The US prison population rightly gathers the most attention by those concerned about the sharp growth in the number of people held captive by the state. Yet the carceral state extends a shocking reach on very large numbers of people under “correctional” supervision, which far surpasses the 1 in 107 US Americans held in local jails and state and federal prisons in 2011 (2,240,000 people).

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