Geography and visual culture: South American voices


Carlos Reboratti reviews Geografía y cultura visual. Los usos de las imágenes en las reflexiones sobre el espacio [Geography and Visual Culture: Uses of Images in the Reflections on Space], a volume edited by Carla Lois and Veronica Hollman and published by Prohistoria and the National University of Rosario, Argentina in 2013.

Geography and vision have recently received renewed interest in South America and continental Europe. The Brazilian journal Espaco e Cultura recently published the Purtuguese translation of an exchange between Gillian Rose and Felix Driver on this theme which appeared in Antipode in 2003. This is followed by a postscript by Driver (with English translation) and features alongside various interesting research articles on spatial representations spanning the visual arts and cinema.

A review of Italian geographer Elisa Bignante’s Geografia e ricerca visuale [Geography and Visual Research] appeared on the Open Site last year.

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