Volume 32, Issue 1 now out

Issue 1 is now available online. The theme issue (including guest editorial introduction, 3 papers, and Agamben translation) will be open access until 11 March 2014. Access to all other content requires subscription.

Referees 1 – 3

Theme issue: A new apparatus: technology, government and the resilient city
Guest editors: Stephanie Wakefield, Bruce Braun
Guest editorial: Governing the resilient city 4 – 11 Stephanie Wakefield, Bruce Braun
Natura Urbans, Natura Urbanata: ecological urbanism, circulation, and the immunization of nature 12 – 29 Ross Exo Adams
Programming environments: environmentality and citizen sensing in the smart city 30 – 48 Jennifer Gabrys
A new urban dispositif? Governing life in an age of climate change 49 – 64 Bruce P Braun
Elements for a theory of destituent power? 65 – 74 Giorgio Agamben, translated by Stephanie Wakefield

◊          ◊          ◊

City as ideology: reconciling the explosion of the city form with the tenacity of the city concept 75 – 90 David Wachsmuth
The contours of disorder: crime maps and territorial policing in South Africa 91 – 107 Darshan Vigneswaran
The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy as a zoning technology: analyzing the spatial and temporal dimensions of obsolescence 108 – 127 Dallas Rogers
The eco-scalar fix: rescaling environmental governance and the politics of ecological boundaries in Alberta, Canada 128 – 146 Alice Cohen, Karen Bakker
Emergency shelter topologies: locating humanitarian space in mobile and material practice 147 – 162 Aurora Fredriksen
Territorial phantom pains (and other cartographic anxieties) 163 – 178 Franck Billé
Hegel’s geographical thought 179 – 198 Dean W Bond

One thought on “Volume 32, Issue 1 now out

  1. stuartelden says:

    Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:

    New issue of Society and Space out, including an open access theme section – papers by Wakefield, Braun, Adams, Gabrys and Agamben.

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